Medford, OR is famous in the US for its succulent pears. When you buy Medford real estate, you are granted access to one of the best locations on the West Coast. Medford, Oregon is a haven of outdoor recreation opportunities and cultural activity, offering a unique urban experience to suit every lifestyle. Outdoor living and recreation is encouraged by the warm summers and mild winters. Within an 80 mile radius of Medford, there are 153 stocked streams for fishing, 17 lakes, boating and fishing on the Rogue River, and hunting and camping in 56 forest camps. If you love the outdoors, then Medford, OR is the perfect place to buy homes or property for sale.

Central Point
Central Point, OR is rich with the history that much of Southern Oregon shares. Early settlers were drawn to the fertile farmland and the promise of gold that lay just in the hills beyond the town center. Centrally located in the heart of the Rogue Valley, Central Point is a fast-growing city that continues to have a “small town” feel. Real estate and property in Central Point, Oregon is one of the most beautiful and desirable areas in the Pacific Northwest. Picturesque scenery in every direction, and the Pacific Ocean coastline just hours away, and a wide variety of recreational opportunities abound. Central Point can be your home, by purchasing real estate for sale in this amazing city.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, homes in Ashland homes for sale is for you. Southern Oregon is famed for its outdoor adventure opportunities, which range from hiking and biking in the warmer months to skiing in the winter. Ashland, OR has many forms of recreation. Skiing Mt. Ashland is a popular wintertime activity. There are 23 ski runs, 80 miles of cross country trails, and, best of all, it’s only 15 miles from downtown Ashland. Ashland, built on the banks of Bear Creek, also has the Bear Creek Bike and Nature Trail. A favorite of bikers, the trail runs along Bear Creek, then down the valley to Medford. There is river rafting and jet boat rides on the Rogue and Klamath Rivers, and many pristine mountain lakes for anglers to try their hand at catching steelhead, salmon and trout. Homes in Ashland put you in the middle of a wide variety of recreational opportunities. There truly is something for everyone.