Uncategorized January 3, 2011

10 ways to boost a home’s sale price in Medford

The market still benefits the buyers, but there are a few simple ways to get a better price for your Medford Oregon home.

10 ways to boost a home’s sale price in OR

1. Retouch the front shell:
If the exterior of your home isn’t appealing, no one is going to want to go inside and see all the upgrades you’ve made in there. You want your home to project a cozy feeling. The outside front of a house is the most important area for improvement. New paint outside makes the house more inviting.

2. Trim the Trees:
Making sure that the lawn, garden and trees are well maintained helps make your home more alluring to buyers. It doesn’t matter if you hire a professional or do it yourself, also try adding some color to the flower beds.

3. Paint Interior:
New paint inside is a cost effective way to make the home more appealing to buyers. Be sure to stick to neutral colors, like light cream. This will make the house look crisp and fresh.

4. Floors:
Improving floors is a great move. Simple things like buffing hard wood or having the carpets cleaned can help boost sales, and you don’t need to replace the carpet or refinish the wood.

5. Make Major Repairs:
No one has extra money anymore, there is no cash left for the buyers to make major repairs like fixing the leaking roof. This will make your house stand out from the others that need repairs.

6. Get Warranty for appliances:
Put your appliances under warranty to give buyers confidence that they wont break down quickly, and if they do, they are covered.

7. Make your home Energy Efficient:
Energy Efferent homes are more attractive, getting new windows and better insulation are small changes, that make a big difference to potential home buyers.

8. New Light Fixtures:
You can add value to your home simply by replacing old or broken light fixtures. Pay particular attention to the entry way of the home, if it’s inviting, buyers will want to see the rest of the house.

9. New Stove:
Instead of upgrading the entire kitchen, just a new stove helps potential buyers take interest in the kitchen. You get the look of a new kitchen to entice buyers without shelling out too much extra money.
0. Freshen up the Bathrooms:
Mildew stains aren’t attractive, it makes potential buyer think you didn’t take care of your home. Replace the caulk with new mildew-resistant caulk. And replace the sink if it’s cracked.

Making these small, affordable changes can really boost your sale price in Central Point. Simple touches show a potential buyer how much you have cared for your home. If you would like a few more suggestions ask Dan Westbrook, they would be happy to give a few pointers. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Medford, Central Point or Ashland small upgrades can help you get the sales price you want.