Uncategorized February 1, 2011

Tips for First Time Homebuyers in Medford

First time homebuyers can make serious mistakes, however with these tips and Dan Westbrook’s help you can get through buying your first home in Medford with ease.
Don’t make a frivolous offer on the house you want. The market is definitely a buyers market, but that doesn’t mean that houses in great neighborhoods are getting several offers. Put in some research to figure out what a good offer is, don’t try to shortchange the seller. Houses in Central Point are desirable, so make sure you put in the right offer so you can get the house of your dreams.

Don’t guess at how much you can afford. Ask for help, find a broker or banker, they can help you. Also take into consideration that the cost of buying a house is more than the sticker price. There are costs to owning a home in Oregon.

Not taking the neighborhood into consideration is a major mistake. Make sure to spend time in your new neighborhood before buying the house. Understand the atmosphere, and the good and bad things you will experience while living there.

Finally take the time to find an agent that works for you. Most people in Ashland don’t think you need one, but having an agent represent you during the home buying process is a surefire way to get it done quickly and correctly.

Following these easy steps can help first time homebuyers in OR get the perfect house without making a serious mistake.