Uncategorized August 1, 2011

Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Medford

It’s a different world for first time sellers. Today’s buyers-take all bonanza is making sellers realize they need to pay at the closing table, sweeten the deal a little bit, and spend more time and money to get the home camera-ready. Dan Westbrook can help get your home ready to show to potential buyers and walk you through the steps of selling your home. Having an agent help you can releve a lot of unnecessary stress.

The measurement of the house isn’t how much you can get from the sale of the house anymore it’s from how much you enjoyed living in the house. Dan Westbrook can help get the most for your home.

Although it would be great if you could make a substantial profit from the house, it’s just not realistic. Work with your agent to price the house realistically from the beginning. Most of the interest in a house in Medford comes in the first two to three weeks of listing it. Take advantage of that with a house priced reasonably, you will be competitive from the start. How a home is priced is important a few thousand dollars could mean showing up more often in search results.

Be prepared to lose some money. Your house is worth what buyers are willing to pay and not a penny more. If you’re not prepared to lose some money you will be holding on to your beautiful Ashland home until the market recovers.

Have your agent promote your home. Reach the home’s target market. Figuring out who is most likely to be interested in your Central Point home and how to reach them is your best bet. 20-somethings live on their smart phones, QR or Quick Response codes may work best for them. Is your target empty nesters? Having a phone number where they can instantly talk to someone is best for them. Know who you want to see the house to and promote to them.

Throwing in extras is a trend in Oregon. If something is difficult to move, leave it for potential buyers, it may sweeten the deal. Clear away clutter. In smaller houses clutter can mean the difference between quaint and cramped. Kitchen and bathroom counters are often forgotten in the clearing away clutter process. You want your house to be somewhere between clutters and sterile.

Most homebuyers are lazy. The last thing new home buyers want is more chores. Make sure your house is move in ready. Make all the necessary fixes, trim the bushes and trees. You want the buyers to feel like they can move in and not spend the first weekend doing the chores you didn’t want to. Your competition is make their houses in OR move in ready, you should too.

Make your upgrades count. The biggest thing you can do to a house that will have the biggest bang for your buck is paint and replace carpet. Soft neutrals are recommended since they are easy on the eyes and have mass appeal. First time sellers in Medford can make the best out of the buyers market with these simple tips.