Uncategorized September 1, 2011

Don’t Turn Off Medford Buyers

There are a few things that sellers should avoid having in their house in order to sell the house quickly. With the help of a great agent like Dan Westbrook and following these tips, your house is far more likely to sell. If you stage the house correctly and have a good agent, the house should only be on the market for a few weeks, ideally.

There is nothing that buyers hate more than a dirty house. Get your house in the best condition you can, go the extra mile, steam clean, and replace the carpet. Make sure the house is free of clutter and everything is grim free.

It’s said that buyers in Medford, buy with their nose, so make sure the house smells fresh and inviting. Don’t cook anything smelly like fish or fried food while the house in on the market. Eliminate all trace of your pets, not just the smell, not everyone loves animals. The same applies if you’re a smoker; get rid of the smell and all signs of a smoker, no ashtrays present, clean the curtains.

Replace old fixtures. New cabinet doors and knobs can make a remarkable difference. Ceiling fans, kitchen appliances and lighting fixtures should also be updated. Get rid of wallpaper. Buyers are not interested in having anything to do with wallpaper. Wallpaper is very personal so it’s unlikely that the buyer will also love what you have.

Having too many personal items inhibit a sale. Buyers are trying to picture themselves in the house, not see you. Eliminate personal photos, unique colors and person effects. Decorating your house to sell and to live is very different and we want your house to sell. Ask Dan Westbrook for advice. Place mirrors strategically so the buyers can actually see themselves in your house.

Misrepresenting your Ashland, OR house is a surefire was to upset buyers. Make sure you show your home in its best light, but there is no false advertising. Curb appeal is huge in Central Point. It’s what potential buyers see first; you want their first impression of the house to be a good one. Make sure the lawn, trees, and the outside of the house are in prefect condition.

Following these simple steps can help you sell your Oregon home quickly and getting the best value you can.