Uncategorized February 1, 2012

Smarter ways to sell your Medford house online

There are fewer houses being purchased so Medford, OR sellers need to do everything they can to make their house stand out from the plethora of other houses on the market. Using social media and any online presence is helpful for selling houses, but it’s more important to engage and relate to the buyers. Dan Westbrook can help!

Whether the home being sold is a suburban rancher perfect for young families or a move-in ready condo for single urban professionals, a wealth of high-tech tools is available to help sellers target the most likely buyers. Unfortunately, tech experts say, most people are misusing them.

Many people put a listing up online and hope the buyer finds it, that method can backfire if it looks too much like spam. Putting listings up where people hang out online like facebook, twitter, and YouTube and forming a relationship with potential buyers’ works more efficiently.

Target your marketing in Medford, Ashland or Central Point. While you can’t target specific groups to certain homes you can target certain areas. Marketing a home in unique manner intruges buyers more than just a posting on a site. But be careful not to single anyone out.

Harness the new breed of advertizing. The best way to target a buyer without discriminating a buyer is by using facebook. Digital media allows you to target buyers who are relocating to Oregon.

Sell the neighborhood. One way to draw in buyers is to promote the area around Medford. Let potential buyers know great facts about the area.

There are many ways the online marketing can help you sell houses, you just have to be willing to try them.