Uncategorized March 27, 2012

Save On a Home in Medford, OR

Buying a home in Medford can be an expensive and scary undertaking. But there are a few things you can sacrifice to make the process more affordable. Space is the number one thing you can sacrifice. Decide honestly how much square footage you really need in your home. Is having a formal dining room truly important to you or is a larger living room sufficient?

Land size is also a major safer. If you have a smaller yard your home will be cheaper. Not just initially, but over time as well. The larger the yard to the more and money it takes to maintain. Think about that before opting for a larger yard.

Having a garage is a great luxury, but it’s not necessary everywhere. The size of the garage is also a factor. Having a nice 1 or 2 car garage is nice and affordable and will help with resale value. But if you want a 3 car garage for extra storage space, you’d be better off buying a shed and saving money during the home buying process.

There are many other things to consider that will help you save money. Decide what’s important to have in your home and go from there. Make buying a home in Medford, Ashland, or Central Point Oregon easy and affordable.