Uncategorized Tips for a Painless Closing in Medford As much as we’d like it to be a closing isn’t just signing the dotted line and the house is yours. Here are a few tips to help prevent your closing from being a disaster. Communicate with all parties involved. Ask questions to understand the process and make sure everything know what needs to happen […]
Uncategorized Remodeling Projects That Pay Off in Medford The number 1 project in Medford is to replace the siding on the exterior of the house. It’s the most effective thing you can do that has minimal cost. To boost curb appeal in Ashland replace the front door with a 20-gauge steel door. For the kitchens in Central Point, the best thing you can […]
Uncategorized Save On a Home in Medford, OR Buying a home in Medford can be an expensive and scary undertaking. But there are a few things you can sacrifice to make the process more affordable. Space is the number one thing you can sacrifice. Decide honestly how much square footage you really need in your home. Is having a formal dining room truly […]
Uncategorized Smarter ways to sell your Medford house online There are fewer houses being purchased so Medford, OR sellers need to do everything they can to make their house stand out from the plethora of other houses on the market. Using social media and any online presence is helpful for selling houses, but it’s more important to engage and relate to the buyers. Dan […]
Uncategorized 5 reasons to buy a small house in Medford Medford has many beautiful homes that range from large luxury homes to smaller starter homes, finding the perfect one for you can be overwhelming. Due to the economy, mansions are being sold at rock bottom prices, but should you really buy one? Living in a smaller house has some benefits. Small houses cost less, not […]
Uncategorized NAR revises existing home sales numbers Today the National Association of Realtors revised the number of existing homes sold from 2007 to 2010. The data was corrected downwardly by 14% to correct for some sampling and data reporting errors. This leads to a weaker housing market during this time period, although the revisions did not impact home prices. From here on, […]
Uncategorized How to Mend Foreclosures in Medford A foreclosure can do more than ruin your view, they can hurt the financial health of your neighborhood. But you don’t have to let it ruin your home equity. Prevention makes the biggest difference. Be a good neighbor. If you know one of your neighbors is going to foreclose find out what you can do […]
Uncategorized Knowing the safe signs of neighborhoods in Medford Although safe neighborhoods aren’t hard to find in Medford, here are a few tips to make sure you find a neighborhood that fits your needs. Due to fair housing laws Dan Westbrook isn’t allowed to use the word safe to describe a neighborhood. But you will be told to check out the area you are […]
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Uncategorized Buying or Selling in Medford? You Need a Superstar Agent Having a superstar agent like Dan Westbrook is vital to your success. Having a great agent can help you sell your house for top dollar, or getting the house of your dreams at a reasonable price. You want a professional in your corner that will go the extra mile. Finding and selling a house are […]
Uncategorized Don’t Turn Off Medford Buyers There are a few things that sellers should avoid having in their house in order to sell the house quickly. With the help of a great agent like Dan Westbrook and following these tips, your house is far more likely to sell. If you stage the house correctly and have a good agent, the house […]
Uncategorized 2nd Quarter Home Prices Rise Is it good news, or just news? According to the latest data from the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices reported this morning, the U.S National Home Price Index increased by 3.6% in the second quarter of 2011. This is good news for this year even though nationally we are below numbers from June of last year. […]
Uncategorized Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Medford It’s a different world for first time sellers. Today’s buyers-take all bonanza is making sellers realize they need to pay at the closing table, sweeten the deal a little bit, and spend more time and money to get the home camera-ready. Dan Westbrook can help get your home ready to show to potential buyers and […]
Uncategorized Mistakes Homebuyers Make in Medford There are several mistakes that homebuyers in Oregon make and many of them pertain to their mortgage. Whether you find your dream home in Medford, the perfect property in Ashland or a home you can turn into your dream home in Central Point, nobody wants the mortgage to ruin the fantastic experience of buying a […]
Uncategorized Negotiation tips for sellers in Medford, Oregon Sellers are sick of hearing about how this is a “buyers market.” Homebuyers are demanding so much right now. Here are some tips to help you take some of the stress out of selling your home in this market. Don’t mention deadlines for selling your house, even if you have one. Keep it to yourself. […]
Uncategorized What Medford buyers desire in 2011 If you’re selling a home in OREGON then you should know what the buyers in your area are looking for this year. Buyers today want it all. Having spaces that mix indoor and outdoor living, like patios and decks, and a little luxury with high quality appliances will help give buyers what they want. Buyers […]
Uncategorized 9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home in Medford Don’t just buy a house because the prize, style and size are what you’re looking for. Emotions run high when buying a home in Oregon. You can forget about the factors that make a difference in buying the perfect home for you. The neighborhood is not always what it seems at first glance. There may […]
Uncategorized 5 Steps to Home Ownership in Medford Know what you want. Before you start looking at houses you need to decide what you want and need for your new home. Has your lifestyle changed? Does Medford fit your needs or is Central Point better for your new lifestyle, or do you prefer the schools in Ashland? The answers to these questions will […]
Uncategorized Tips for First Time Homebuyers in Medford First time homebuyers can make serious mistakes, however with these tips and Dan Westbrook’s help you can get through buying your first home in Medford with ease. Don’t make a frivolous offer on the house you want. The market is definitely a buyers market, but that doesn’t mean that houses in great neighborhoods are getting […]
Uncategorized Should the Medford, OR school board be in the business of land planning? In an ongoing deal, the Medford, OR school board voted 5-1 to approve a deal that would provide them with 20 acres of land to build a future school on. The Medford School board will receive 20 acres at the corner of Hull Rd. and Stewart Ave. in Southwest Medford, and in return they will […]
Uncategorized Harry & David faces threat of Chapter 11 bankruptcy? The Medford Mail Tribune is reporting that one of Southern Oregon’s largest employer’s, Harry & David, may be looking at Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After a $57+ million dollar loss over the last 12 months and a $24+ million dollar loss over the same period the year before, the gourmet food and gift company may have […]