Medford Community Page
When you buy Medford real estate you are granted access to one of the best locations on the West Coast. Medford is a haven of outdoor recreation opportunities and cultural activity, offering a unique urban experience to suit every lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in the local wines, the historical downtown center, the great professional opportunities, or the idyllic backdrop of Southern Oregon, there is no place better than your own Medford, OR home or property for exploring it all.
The geography here is quite varied, with a mixture of volcanic flow areas and forests. The Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains frame the town with an awe-inspiring, majestic beauty. Yet, Medford, Oregon remains a fairly large metropolitan area, which means you never have to sacrifice your career or your active nightlife for the beauty and green living opportunities of this unique Oregon city.

Medford, OR: Past, Present, and Future
The town of Medford dates back to the late 1800s, when the railroad helped develop much of the Oregon landscape. Originally a stopping point for travelers to and from California, the town began to establish homes, businesses, and government centers after just a few short years. The farmland surrounding the town was lush and fertile, and access to larger cities made the area ideal for families looking to settle down.

Much of this history and ambiance is still evident even today, with a recently revitalized downtown area as well as farms and wineries that continue in the Medford tradition. Historic buildings in the city center have undergone considerable restoration, and range from theaters and unique shopping boutiques to Medford condos and townhomes right in the middle of all the activity. As you move through the neighborhoods, you’ll continue to find rich history in the stately tree-lined streets and the parks with acre upon acre of public land.

Living in Medford
Located just 27 miles north of the California border, Medford offers one of the best locations in the entire United States. The weather here is seasonal but fairly mild, and access to the Pacific Ocean is only 75 miles to the west. Lush greenery abounds everywhere you turn, and the great outdoors is a primary focus for residents and visitors alike. Whether you want to take advantage of nearby Agate Lake or spend time in the carefully-maintained city parks, the incentive to get outside and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle is a strong one. Doesn’t buying Medford real estate from an Oregon realtor like Dan Westbrook sound like a great idea?
Alba Park, the oldest park in the city, offers a quaint downtown getaway near historic buildings like the Medford Carnegie Library and City Hall. Bear Creek Park, to the south of the town, also offers a great scenic backdrop with 1,740 acres of greenery and gardens in addition to tennis courts, a dog park, an amphitheater, and tracks for biking or skating. Other points of interest include the Claire Hanley Arboretum, Oregon Caves National Monument, and Roxy Ann Peak, a dormant volcano that offers great places for climbing and hiking. Crater Lake, one of the most unique volcanic reservoirs in the world, brings in tourists and provides a natural wildlife area open to both residents and visitors.

It’s important to remember, though, that Medford is great for work as well as play. The local economy is strong, thanks to a large concentration of healthcare organizations, commercial centers, and even agriculture. In addition to timber production, Medford offers a great variety of fruits, including vineyards that produce outstanding regional wines.

The education system in Medford is also very good, with a combination of public and private schools to meet a variety of family needs. Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University are also nearby, and add an intellectual, youthful feeling to the entire town.

Medford Homes: Life and Leisure
Homes and property for sale in Medford are ideal for just about everyone: families, professionals, retirees, or those simply seeking to take advantage of a slower-paced way of life. No other place offers such a balanced combination of fun, professional opportunity, and beauty, and Medford homes put you right in the middle of it all.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the market for one of the homes in Medford with a private view, or if you’d like to take advantage of downtown living with a historic condo or townhome. The Medford real estate market is large enough to offer everyone just what they’re looking for – and we’re the real estate agents who can make that happen.